committed to transforming the country 

CONEX – Consultoria em Negócios Exteriores it is the Junior Enterprise of International Relations of the Catholic University of Brasília. For more than 10 years in the market, the company operates in the branches of internationalization of micro and small enterprises, and researches related to foreign trade. As a Junior Company, CONEX is managed by academics motivated by professional growth coming from a contact with the market before the graduation conclusion. Students of the third best International Relations course in the country, the members of CONEX are able to carry out commercial intelligence tasks and trace strategies for the insertion of their clients in the external market. Every project developed by the company counts on the support of the Catholic University of Brasília and the supervision of specialized teachers, which guarantees the quality of the services offered.

the Jem 

The Junior Enterprise Movement (JEM, or MEJ in portuguese) contributes with a important installment in the entrepreneurship development and economy of the country. The JEM main goal is to professionally develop 

the junior enterprises through business experience, implementing projects and services in the areas of action of the graduation courses to which the enterprise is vinculated.


Concentro and brasil júnior

The Junior Enterprise Movement (JEM) is today the biggest movement of young entrepreneurship of the the world, being present in several continents. Brazil stands out in this scenario, with the largest number of enterprises around the world.

CONEX, as a junior enterprise, is inserted in the Junior Enterprise Movement (JEM). At Federal District, the present federation in which we are part it's Concentro, which owns 53 enterprises committed to causing impact in Brazil.